NBA Players Union Rep Billy Hunter Tells Players “Get Read To Sit”

The NBA and the Players union met today for what looked to be a last ditch effort to get the NBA season started on time. Players union rep Billy Hunter has advised the players to prepare to sit out half a season. The two main sticking points remain the same, the owners desire for a hard cap and the split of revenue.

The revenue split is it’s own problem amongst the owners. Big market teams (Lakers, Knicks) vs. the smaller market owners for broadcast revenue sharing rights.

For superstars like Kobe, DWade and LeBron, the idea of missing half a season financially isn’t really a big deal but for the middle class, losing the season can equal a loss of 20 percent of possible career earnings. Superstar players can probably make that up when it’s time for a new deal.
The players have indicated their willing to give back a little more of their cut to try to appease the owners but, the owners at this point don’t seem willing to make any concessions.


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