Basketball Wives Draya says she’s no longer a h* and explains how “h*eness” can be deleted [video]


More updates from the Basketball Wives LA cast. The show kicks off Monday – as if I haven’t told you that like 12 times in the past week alone- and the ladies are in New York for fashion week and press. Draya and Malaysia hit up Power 105’s “Breakfast Club” and talked about season 2, Draya’s relationship with singer Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karruche, moving beyond being a “h*” (NO, I’m not joking, you can’t make this up) and if she and Laura Govan are still beefing:

Draya on her status with Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karruche:

“To clear everything up, there are no threesomes, Karruche and I are friends.

Draya on if Karruche is concerned about Chris being friends with an Ex:

“If you know Karruche and how they run their relationship, she’s a secure person. She’s got her man. I don’t think I’m an ex she needs to be concerned about

Jill says: What Up Rihanna

Draya on if she considers herself a “ho:”

I think a ho is someone who sleeps with everyone… I don’t think I’m considered a ho anymore. Your “hoeness” can be deleted, I’m in a total drought.

Jill says: She is FUNNY!

Draya on Laura Govan’s issues with her:

I think she just didn’t like me cause she was a little bit big awhile ago.

Jill says: So clearly she and the Govan sisters aren’t friendly

Draya on her sexual preference:

It’s 60/40, it’s up to you to decide which is 60% and which is 40%

To hear Malaysia’s thoughts on marriage, groupies and why you won’t be seeing her husband on the show, check the entire interview