Baby’s mama drama resolved? Paul George posts selfie with daughter [Photo]

A few months ago, Indiana Pacers All-Star Paul George was dogged out by the judge in his child support case regarding his infant daughter Olivia. The judge accused George of doing any and everything possible to avoid being a responsible father.

George met Olivia’s mother, a former stripper named Daniela in Miami in June of 2013. Pregnancy clearly wasn’t the plan for PG.

Now that George has some time away from the court this season while he rehabs his broken leg, he’s also working on being a dad. He posted this photo with Olivia to his Instagram page.

Basketball star Paul George and the mother of his baby girl made peace Thursday in a Manhattan courtroom after previously battling over paternity, custody and child support issues.

George, 24, said, “I’m extremely excited” at the prospect of holding 5-month-old Olivia for the first time Thursday afternoon.

“I am expecting to take full responsibility and to own up to being the dad,” the Indiana Pacers small forward said after the hearing.

Paul’s lawyer allegedly tried to get Daniella to pose with the All-Star for a photo, but she declined. Not interested in an Instagram family moment.