Allison Mathis Suing Chris Bosh Over Basketball Wives

photo by Stan Behal

Allison Mathis and Chris Bosh can’t seem to resolve any of their conflicts without lawyers and a judge. A little over a week after Chris Bosh filed an emergency custody motion regarding their daughter Trinity.

Mathis has filed a lawsuit in Orlando, FL … in which she claims she signed a deal with show producers which could have scored her more than $250,000 for at least 4 seasons … but Chris screwed it up.

According to the docs, Bosh lied to producers — and told them Allison had several court-orders in effect which prohibit her from appearing on camera. Bosh also allegedly threatened to sue producers if they put her on the show.

Mathis claims the producers folded like a cheap suit — and axed her from the show … after she had already taped two episodes.

In her suit, Mathis also includes a copy of her contract — which shows she was slated to make $2,500 per episode for the first five shows … and $5,000 for each additional episode.

The interesting thing about this, Shaunie has always steadfastly denied Allison’s involvement with the show. $2500?? Is it worth it?