Adrian Peterson allegedly used his charity’s credit card to pay for hotel sex party

Adrian Peterson was considered the face of the Minnesota Vikings franchise. With the recent child abuse accusations, a closer look into Peterson’s life away from the field was investigated by Minnesota Star-Tribune. Most understand that their might be a difference between the face presented to the media and what’s happening behind the scenes.

But what’s been revealed with Peterson are questions in judgement and integrity. Peterson allegedly used his “All Day Charity’s” credit card to pay for a hotel room for himself, four women and two of his male relatives – one his brother who was a minor at the time – for a sex party.

[In 2011, Peterson] was at the center of an incident in an Eden Prairie hotel room that resulted in an accusation of rape and triggered a lengthy police investigation.

The 38-page police report details a night of drinking, arguing and sex that involved the running back, two relatives — including Peterson’s brother, a minor — and four women, in various pairs. One of those present, Chris Brown, a Peterson relative who lives with him in Eden Prairie, told police that he paid for the room using a company credit card for Peterson’s All Day, Inc.

As the night wore on, the report says, one woman who said she knew Peterson previously became upset when she saw him having sex with another woman. She started an argument that lasted at least an hour. According to the report, when she told him that she was “emotionally attached to him,” Peterson reminded her that he was engaged to another woman and had a baby.

Peterson married his long-time girlfriend – and one of his six-children’s mothers – earlier this year. The exact number of children the running back has fathered is unclear, but at least a son and a daughter are the same age, but a month apart, and the kids are located in three different states, Minnesota, Texas and Georgia.

In addition to the credit card mishap, the recipients who allegedly received over $200,000 in assistant from the charity are unclear.

The charity’s 2011 financial report showed $247,064 in total revenue, and listed just three organizations that received money. A fourth outlay, entitled simply “clothing for needy families,” listed “unknown” for the number of recipients.

In 2009, the charity said its largest gift, $70,000, went to Straight From the Heart Ministries in Laurel, Md. But Donna Farley, president and founder of the Maryland organization, said it never received any money from Peterson’s foundation. “There have been no outside [contributions] other than people in my own circle,” said Farley. “Adrian Peterson — definitely not.”

Expect more stories to leak as we wait for his legal issues to resolve.