Adidas cancels the release of their shackled shoe, JS Roundhouse mid


Adidas may have misread how far they could push the fashion envelope with the  JS Roundhouse Mid. A shoe they felt was so fly you’d want to chain it to your ankle, they decided to include one.

And that’s when the outrage started. Considering the heat sneaker launches have endured- think about the Jordan launch mele all-star weekend in Orlando- this probably wasn’t well thought out. Shackles on ankles generally evoke thoughts of slavery.

After the outrage, Adidas has canceled the release of the shoe (which was planned to retail for about $350 so I assume there weren’t a ton of pairs hitting the market anyway) but ultimately, do you think the creation of the shoe and subsequent cancelation help or hurt the brand?

After the beating they took during the playoffs (most of their marquee players went down to injure) I’d say  they better be working on a monster community platform and some hot footwear!