ABC comedy “Happy Endings” goes in on Lebron James, Chris Bosh & the Miami Heat [video]

The San Antonio Spurs won their first NBA championship in a lockout shortened season and then Lakers coach Phil Jackson famously labeled it an asterisk championship. The Lebron James era of the Miami Heat‘s first championship also came during a lockout shortened season. Clearly one of the writers on the ABC comedy, “Happy Endings” has an issue with that and utilized the most recent episode to go in on King James and the Miami Heat.

Not only did they say the Heat’s championship “doesn’t count,” they also went in on LeBron James and Chris Bosh. LeBron got the standard, he’s not Jordan treatment with the discussion centering on Bron needing six more rings- cause the one last June doesn’t count – to be in consideration as the greatest but Bosh got it a little worst with his looks being compared to one of Omar’s boyfriends from The Wire…”




I LOVE that it was a conversation between two female characters! A “The Wire” reference and Sex and sports, we love those convos!