Still Got It: 5 Retired Athletes Who Could Probably Still Compete

via @Herschelwalker

Every now and then a retired athlete will mock the current status of their respective sports. Michael Jordan made a statement just a few years back saying he could still dominate the league. That statement was not meant to put down the current NBA players but to elevate and glorify the players of his generation. This statement brings up the question: Could players who dominated in their respective eras still compete today? We’re going to look at the top 5 retired athletes who could still compete in their respective sports.


  1. Michael Jordan

Almost undoubtedly the best player in NBA history, Jordan changed the way the game is played, both physically and mentally. Air Jordan is now 52 years old, so him dominating the game is out of the question. But could Jordan score 10-15 points and a couple assists? Absolutely.

via @Shaq

via @Shaq

  1. Shaquille O’Neal

When Shaq was in the league he was the most dominant big man. In today’s undersized league Shaq could not only play, but most likely play at an all-star level. In just a few short years since leaving the association, the game has changed and it would play into O’Neal’s favor.

  1. Ken Griffey Jr.

The recent Hall of Fame inductee had one of the sweetest swings the MLB has ever seen. Though he’s now pushing 45 years of age, he could still potentially lead the league in homeruns. There’s just no teaching a swing like Griffey had.