2017 Top 10 Sports and Culture Stories of the Year

9) Athletes Kneeling for the Flag

This issue was so big that President Trump made multiple tweets about it. Papa John (who was recently ousted) said the displays hurt his business.

10) Eli Manning Benched

Eli Manning’s streak of 210 games ended in an unusual fashion when he was benched for journeyman Geno Smith. The move was detested in New York, leading to the firing of the coach and GM.

11) Tiger Woods DUI

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Tiger’s DUI pictures showed a man who looked nonplussed and dazed. It’s a huge fall from grace for such a transcendent athlete.

12) The Knicks Fire Phil Jackson

New York is the center of the sports world. Phil Jackson had 11 championships as a coach, and he used to play for the Knicks. People thought Phil could work his Zen magic in New York, but in the end the fans wanted him to disappear.

13) Jemele Hill, ESPN and social media

If you had to crown someone sport media personality of the year, that title belongs to ESPN’s Jemele Hill. As host of “The Six” on SportsCenter, Hill and her co-host Michael Smith, showcase sports and culture from a black perspective which seemed to upset many long time, conservative – read white male – viewers. Hill’s commentary on the President Donald Trump, the NFL and kneeling caused her to make headlines and be suspended by ESPN brass for inappropriate social media commentary. She also caused the “world wide leader” to reassess their social media policy while dealing with the complex new landscape of digital media, sports partnerships and freedom of speech.

2017 had some amazing sports stories. Which of your favorites did we miss?