Panthers CB Josh Norman Has No Love Odell Beckham Jr

If you only watched one game on NFL Sunday, it should’ve been the Carolina Panthers vs. the New York Giants. One team on the verge of making history lead by the league’s clear MVP, quarterback Cam Newton. The other a team needing to break the streak in order to keep their post-season dreams alive.

Right from the start, you knew something was going to be different. Perhaps it was those almost-perfect pirouette’s Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. executed during warm up.

The game started off chippy, especially between Odell and Panthers cornerback Josh Norman. Norman locked up the wide receiver early and seemed to really frustrate Beckham and led to three personal penalty flags.

There was tussling:

and some helmet-to-helmet contact

and lastly, in a moment like Allen Iverson stepping over Lakers’Tyron Lue during the 200X Finals, ODB stepped over Norman after a late fourth quarter touchdown.

Norman had a lot to say about Beckham postgame some of the highlights:

“If he wants to be Michael Jackson and dance all over the place and not be a football player…I hope I pulled back his mask.”

Norman said Beckham’s true nature was exposed today. As his “layers were peeled back.”

Oh, and my personal favorite,

Josh Norman’s teammate Cortland Finnegan implied the beef might extend beyond football.

It does seem a little personal, Josh retweeted a meme of Beckham taking an “L”

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