Saquon Barkley Has Highest Selling Jersey On Draft Night

Newly drafted Saquon Barkley is certainly on an emotional high this week. On Tuesday, Barkley’s Girlfriend Anna Congdon gave birth to their first child. Thursday night, he was drafted with the 2nd pick to the New York Giants.

When being interviewed by Suzy Kolber on draft night, Barkley seemed a little shy when the topic of his boo was brought up.


The two have only been together a year, which means she got pregnant after three months. Is it wrong if my next words are, “secure the bag sis.”


Giants fans are certainly excited for the addition of Barkley, his Giants jersey was the best seller on draft night. He also made history, selling better than any first rounder in the draft’s history according to a report from ESPN. His new teammate Odell Beckham Jr. agrees, he tweeted this out on Thursday night.