Wizards Nick Young’s Worst Blind Date Experience with A 45 Year old

We know, dating is rough for pro athletes. Recently the Wizards shot an in-game spot and the topic was worst dating experience. While most of the players equated their bad dating experiences to going to the movies, (yeah, I don’t really get that one either but it’s their experience not mine) Nick Young had a GREAT example of a bad blind date.

Nick was set up on a blind date, when he showed up:

“You know, I was expecting somebody young. She was like 40 or 45 and reminded me a lot of my mom. I just couldn’t get over the fact that I was sitting next to a parent, like my mom or somebody. It was pretty awkward. Pretty awkward.”

Awkward indeed. What kind of friends does he have that are setting him with a 40 plus year old woman… the least they could’ve done was hook him with one that looked younger.  Or MAYBE he hooked himself up via Facebook or Twitter! Don’t be fooled by those photos people! Photoshop or angles can get you caught up!! Always try to Skype it out first! ::giggles::

Wonder if he told his mom about it? :shrug: