Will There be a Shot Shortage in Golden State this Season?

It just doesn’t seem fair! The rich got richer in Golden State this offseason and the rest of the league has no clue how to defend all the fireworks.

Fresh off a record setting 73 win regular season, all the Warriors did was acquire one of the game’s best all time scorers in Kevin Durant. Adding Durant to a line up that already includes Splash Brothers Steph Curry and Klay Thompson gives Golden State the dreamiest team since 1992 in Barcelona.
But the Warriors clearly needed a facelift, right? After all, they did lose in the Finals by a handful of points to the game’s greatest player last season. Who wouldn’t panic after that? Without a huge acquisition like Durant, Golden State’s title chances only stood at about eighty percent this season.

Can They Play with an Extra Ball?

Jokes aside, it’s going to be quite a show in northern California this year. Which lethal poison do defenders pick when Steph Curry’s dribbling up the sideline? Do they double team him like they did last year and leave Durant open for a gimme from 24 feet at the top of the key? Or do they throw a pair of defenders at Durant and leave Klay Thompson wide open in the corner?
It MIGHT take a few games to develop the right chemistry, but the Warriors are going to be impossible to stop. The only question is if they can keep all these shooters happy. Will there be a shot shortage in Golden State or will the various egos be happy just winning a title?
The short answer is no. And so is the long answer. The resident geniuses Curry and Thompson have tasted team success already and will adjust to a few less shots easily. Durant has been individually dominant for years at OKC. He came to Golden State to win a title, period. None of these players will have a problem stepping aside for team success. It’s the rest of the league that has the problem.