Who’s Next to Walk Away?: The Next NBA Players To Retire

With one of the biggest NBA legends calling it quits after this season, it brings into question which other childhood favorites may follow suit. Many of the best players from the late 90’s and early 2000’s are reaching their late 30’s, and that is usually the end for NBA players. With that being said, the end of the Kobe era is here and here is a list of the other players we grew up loving that may call it quits after this season.



Tim Duncan

Duncan has had a Hall of Fame career, but all good things must come to an end. Turning age 40 at the end of the season is almost indication enough that the time we have with this gentle giant is limited. As arguably the best power forward to ever play, Duncan will be missed, but LaMarcus Aldridge is the best replacement Spurs fans could ask for.


Kevin Garnett

Going home to Minnesota was a huge tip-off that Garnett knows he doesn’t have much time left as an NBA player. Garnett has had an illustrious career including an NBA championship in 2008 with the Boston Celtics. Garnett will forever be known as one of the greatest defensive players in NBA history.


Vince Carter

Vince Carter is the best dunker the game has ever seen. With more highlight reel plays than just about anybody, Carter will be missed, but his legacy will live on through highlights on YouTube.


Paul Pierce

Another member of the 2008 Celtic Championship team, Pierce will always be remembered in Boston for never giving up on them through their ugly years. Pierce is an electrifying scorer and one of the most clutch players in league history. In July of 2015, Pierce signed a 3-year contract at age 38. With his minutes and ability diminishing, it’s unlikely he will reach the end of that deal.


Manu Ginobili

Manu Ginobili is the greatest 6th man of all time. Ginobili was always a great talent, and though for a brief time in his career he was a solid starter, Manu was meant to be a 6th man. Providing a spark off of the bench and injecting energy into the team was always Manu’s claim to fame. Without Manu it is arguable that Duncan would only be a 2-time champion, instead of the 5-time champion he is today.


This list is full of a handful of Hall of Famers. In total, the players on this list combine for 3 MVP trophies, 50 All-Star game appearances, 2 Rookie of the year trophies, a 6th man of the year trophy and a staggering 11 Championship rings. And to be clear those figures don’t take into account Kobe’s 5 rings, MVP trophy and 18 All Star appearances. The 2021 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is going to be a great one.

–Michael Hersey