Who Is Lil B And What Does he Have To Do With The NBA Playoffs?


Confused as to who Bay Area rapper Lil B “the based God” is, and what he has to do with this year’s NBA playoffs? Never fear, I’ve got the answers you seek.

Lil B is been a rapper,  motivational speaker, and a potential D-League basketball player – all these descriptions are self proclaimed, but he did speak at NYU in 2012. So, why do we care who he is?

A few years back, Lil B claimed to put the base God curse on Kevin Durant because KD said he didn’t “get” the rappers music. The one-sided beef also caused the rapper to make a diss track entitled, F**k Kevin Durant.



Now, KD did run into a string of bad luck following Lil B’s “curse,” but surely that’s just coincidence. His latest target is KD’s old teammate, Rockets All-Star James Harden. Lil B claims Harden stole his “cooking dance” this season.


But he’s not putting a curse on Harden. BaseGod just wants The Beard to give him his props, and let the people know the originator of cookin.

Lil-b-James-Harden Lil-B-James-Harden 3.43.10 PM But the fears of the curse of Lil B have spread all the way to Atlanta where their Twitter feed begged the rapper to spare them the same fate. Atlanta-Hawks-Plea-to-Lil-B The Hawks hip-hop organist also played Lil B’s song, “Wonton Soup” Friday night.  

So far it doesn’t seem to be working out for the Hawks. They’re currently down 0-2, and just got word that Kyle Korver is done for the season, after suffering an ankle injury.

So now you’re all caught up with the saga of Lil B.