What’s In Kevin Durant’s Backpack?

For most of the season Kevin Durant has shown up at his post game pressers wearing a backpack. Why?? I guess that’s just what DC guys do? Last night the mystery contents were revealed on TNT (and of course on Facebook) so now the basketball world can breathe easy:

TNT and everyone else keeps asking me what’s in my backpack. Hilarious that y’all care so much about it lol. I keep my ipad, bible, skullcandy headphones, and my phones and phone chargers. Also do you want me to have Nike release some KD backpacks for y’all? What would you put in your KD backpack? Lol

The mystery of what’s in Kevin Durant’s backpack may have been solved but the marketing opportunities are just getting started. Hola Nike, when will the KD backpack be on the market?

Personally, I’m more interested in knowing what the history on his browser looks like, that’s always a fun experiment. Be wary of those like me who clear their history, that means they have something to hide… Only kidding geeze

The Thunder are one game away from taking on the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference finals.  Sad about my Lakers but excited for the Thunder. Check the archives, I’ve been pom poming for them for a few years! Thunder up!