Oprah’s Show Possibly Causing Scheduling Issues For The Eastern Conference Finals

Only the Queen of daytime talk shows could possibly alter the course of the Eastern Conference finals. Should the Chicago Bulls wrap up their series against the Hawks Thursday night and the Heat close out the Celtics tonight, we won’t have to wait to long for the start of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Oprah is shooting one of her last shows at THE UNITED CENTER next Tuesday so her crew will need Monday to set up. Check the deets:

The NBA informed a few involved parties before Tuesday’s Bulls game that if the Heat and Chicago win their series in six games or fewer, Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals would need to be moved from Monday to Sunday night because the United Center likely is unavailable Monday to allow Oprah Winfrey’s crew to set up for the taping of one of her final shows. If the Heat or Bulls series go seven games, Game 1 of the Eastern finals would be Wednesday.

Both teams are young and the Heat have been steam rolling through the playoffs (Rondo’s one arm man routine during Saturday’s Game 3 excluded of course, who can compete with that comeback.) Also, Shaq won’t be playing in tonight’s game. Is it possible we’ve seen the last of Shaq on the basketball court?

Personally, I think Shaq should retire and put together a variety sports themed talk show. I of course would make the perfect co host!!