What’s Happening With Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat?

What’s going on with Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat? Bosh has been out for an “unspecified medical reason” since after the All-Star break in February. During the 2015 season, Bosh missed the second half of the season due to blood clots.

But now Bosh is ready to play but the Miami Heat are not allowing Bosh back on the court. The issue seems to be, is Bosh really healthy enough to to hit the court.

The clots traveled from his calf to his lungs. This time, Bosh said the situation was not as serious as the last one and that he expected to return. On March 10, he released a statement :

“My situation this year has never been life-threatening,” he said. “I am feeling great and currently I do not have deep vein thrombosis. Together with the Miami Heat, I am working with doctors, exploring the best precautionary treatment options and taking every necessary step to make sure I am healthy for myself, my family and my team.”

He’s received medical clearance by his own doctors but the Heat aren’t so sure.

Chris’s wife Adrienne took to social media last week with the hashtag, #BringBoshBack and wore t-shirts to the Heat’s home game. There are rumors that the Heat’s stance might have more to do with the business side of things than Chris Bosh’s health. The Heat could avoid hitting the luxury tax if Bosh is out for 10 months and insurance would be on the hook for some of his $22 million salary.

Given that Miami needs to try to retain Hassan Whiteside this summer and potentially attract another superstar – hello Kevin Durant- savings on the business side will always be something to keep in mind. Bosh hasn’t practiced with the team in months, but he has recently begun traveling to away games. He flew to the final game in Charlotte during the first round series. And this week flew to Toronto on a private jet with Heat owner Mickey Arison.

There have been reports that the Player’s union is now getting involved,

Deadspin website reported that the National Basketball Players Association issued a statement that read, “Our top priority is Chris’ health and wellbeing. We have spoken to Chris and his agent, and have reached out to the Miami Heat. We are hopeful that all parties involved can meet as soon as possible to resolve the situation.”

however union rep Amaré Stoudemire had no knowledge of that.

“For me, it’s whatever is the most feasible from a health standpoint,” Stoudemire told theSun Sentinel, with Bosh sidelined since the mid-February All-Star break due to a recurrence of blood clots. “Obviously health, by far, supersedes anything else, if he’s able to maintain health and it’s OK for him to play.”


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