Watch The Trailer For Kobe Bryant’s Showtime Documentary “Kobe Bryant’s Muse” [video]

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A documentary on NBA superstar Kobe Bryant will debut this fall on Showtime. “Kobe Bryant’s Muse: The Sacrifice for Greatness” will follow Kobe’s life, inspirations and the challenges of being Kobe. check out the trailer.

Kobe turned 36 on August 23rd, and has been more open than in the past to discussing the twilight of his career. Some recent quotes from Kobe interviews:

He and LeBron James are severely underpaid.
– Details of a text message Bryant sent to LeBron in 2010 and have been uncovered in a Bleacher Report piece by Kevin Ding. Once again we’re shown that Kobe has a special type of competitive edge as Lebron prepared to announce his “Decision part 1.”

With a brutal seven-game victory over the Celtics in the bank for Bryant, the 2010 offseason is dominated by LeBron James’ decision to leave Cleveland for Miami. What matters to Bryant is Phil Jackson agreeing to return to coach the Lakers again in pursuit of a third consecutive NBA title. Bryant sends James a text message. It goes like this: “Go ahead and get another MVP, if you want. And find the city you want to live in. But we’re going to win the championship. Don’t worry about it.”


– And one anonymous GM who says Kobe has zero trade value.

Bryant­ signed a $48.5 million, two-year deal. The contract, widely derided as the worst in the game, makes Bryant nearly impossible to move, even were the Lakers to try. Asked about Kobe’s value on the market, one GM answers definitively: ‘Zero. Look at that number. Who takes him?’

Two more years and then Kobe is a wrap. Appreciate him while he’s here.