Was LaMarcus Aldridge Jealous Of Damian Lillard?

The Western Conference has been stacked for years. NBA free agency in 2015 continues to shift the powers around in the West.

For the past two years, the Portland Trailblazers looked like one of the young upstarts collecting pieces to snatch the crown. But the Blazers now are in rebuilding mode after four of their five starters from last season opted to move on to other teams.

LaMarcus Aldridge announced on Saturday that he would be signing with the San Antonio Spurs for a max four-year-$80 million deal. Coupled with that news are several reports out of Portland that LaMarcus was jealous of the marketing focus on Damian Lillard, and the team was divided into two camps.

LaMarcus reportedly distanced himself from the team, even taking his own flight home from Memphis following the Blazers loss in the playoffs.

Joining the Spurs sets the stage for several shots at the NBA title. It’s also a team that doesn’t focus as much on individual success or over the top marketing efforts.

Another casualty of LaMarcus’ departure, Blazers assistant coach Kim Hughes. In a June 27th interview, Hughes stated that the team was in rebuilding mode and LaMarcus wasn’t coming back. He was fired some time after those statements were made.

Sometimes there’s a price to keep it 100.