Virtus Bologna Has Offered Kobe Bryant $2 Million For 1 Game With The Team


Virtus Bologna really wants Kobe Bryant involved with the team. The team’s owner,  Claudio Sabatini has reportedly offered Kobe $2 Million dollars to play one game with the team. Sabatini has secured sponsorships and a broadcasting deal to help pay for what he’s dubbing, “Kobe Night.”

Imagine the amount of money he feels he’s going to make off of “Kobe Night” if he’s willing to pay Kobe $2 Million for one game.

With Amar’e Stoudemire saying that he believes players could start their own league. You have to look at offers like the one Kobe is receiving and say that for the superstars at least, they might be on to something.

Perhaps not a league but certainly a barnstorming tour. It worked for street ball.