Vince Carter Says He Would Beat Michael Jordan in Dunk Contest if Both Were 24

During an interview with the Dan Patrick show, Vince Carter was asked about matching up against Michael Jordan.

In a one-on-one game, Carter says he would beat Jordan depending on how long the game is, as he would have the upper-hand when it came to endurance.  The 40-year-old is still in the NBA while Jordan has long since retired.

Patrick switched things up and asked about a dunk contest if both of them were 24-years-old.  Both Jordan and Carter are previous Dunk Contest champions.  Vinsanity, as Carter came to be known, is said to have the greatest in-game dunk of all-time and one of the best champs.  Jordan is of course regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time and is known for his dunks as well.  So who would win?  Carter is going with himself on this one too.

Watch the video above.