Video Vixens- Pro Athlete style

Just 3 more days until Superbowl XLIV. In honor of it being held in Miami with all the Sexy people, I decided to post my own personal mash up of the likely hook ups over the weekend; Athletes and video vixens. The twist here, The ATHLETE is the actual Video Vixen:

Of course 1st up we have to showcase The Saints ultimate Vixen;

– Reggie Bush – Ciara “Like a Boy”

* We already know he comes equipped with his own glamour girl. No hook ups for him. GEAUX SAINTS!

– Osi Umenyiora – The Dream “I love your girl”

– Warren Sapp (yes I know enough to know he’s retired now but how can you leave out Miami’s own Diamond Princess??) Trina “Baddest chick”

– Terrell Owens, Another throwback (I actually think he was the original NFL video vixen)
Kelly Price “You should’ve told me”

* Shannon Brown & Ron Artest  Toni Braxton “Yesterday”

* Ok so I moved on from football but even thought I posted this when it first premiered. Shannon is such a cutie, I thought I’d mention it again plus, the collision part 2 is next weekend for All-Star

– Corey Maggette Common feat Lily Allen “Drivin me wild”

 *Listen to Common’s lyrics, it should be obvious why I picked this one

The next Athlete video vixens weren’t just eye candy, they actually ARE the artist… or something like that:

– Kobe Bryant  Brian McKnight feat Kobe Hold Me

* random fact, this is the video where Vanessa & Kobe met.

Bonus a Live performance from All-star Featuring Kobe & Tyra Banks

K-O-B-E  I L-O-V-E… yeah he & Tyra both got a #FAIL for that one

* Shaq “You can’t stop the Reign”

*You do realize that Shaq had Platinum selling albums right

-Deon Sanders- “Must be the money”

*Complete and UTTER Hilarity (see I brought it back to Football. SMILE)

And perhaps what started it all and the 1st official fusing of music and Sports… The Bears “Superbowl shuffle”

* For the record, this was NEVER ok