UNC’s Dean Smith Left Money In His Will For Several Former Players


Former North Carolina coach Dean Smith passed away in February at the age of 83. Smith coached 36 seasons at UNC, and was lauded not just for the wins he lead his teams to, but also for the genuine connections he made with his players – from the star to the last man on the bench.

Smith made sure that even in death, he was still checking in on his players.


As per the instructions in his trust,  $200 checks went out to every letter winner who played for him during his 36 seasons as head coach at UNC. Smith wanted them to enjoy a night out to dinner on him.

The trustee of Smith’s trust, Tim Breedlove, told ESPN.com that the $200 checks were sent out on Monday to about 180 letter winners.

“This was the kind of man that he was,” Breedlove said. “It’s one more example of his thoughtfulness.”

The letter addressed to Dante Calabria, who played on Smith’s 1993 national title team, was circulated on social media Thursday. Smith’s message was to “enjoy a dinner out compliments of Coach Dean Smith.”