Top 3 Most Valuable Teams in the NBA


Three weeks in to the new year, Forbes Magazine has released its list of the most valuable teams in the National Basketball Association.  The average team in the association is worth well over $600 million.  In the age of technology, television deals, and interactive media, it’s very plausible that these numbers will only continue to climb.  Here’s a look at our reasons as to why these teams are at the top of the list.

3. Chicago Bulls – $1 Billion

Like it or not, the ultimate athlete turned entrepreneur in Michael Jordan is still making money for the Chicago Bulls.  On top of the greatest player to ever play the game being associated with their brand, the Bulls have had four years of consecutive sellouts.  Simply put, when it comes to the game of basketball, the Chicago Bulls will always be relevant.

2. Los Angeles Lakers – $1.35 Billion

There are four reasons why the L.A. Lakers are number two on this list.  First and foremost, sports is entertainment.  There’s no business like show business and L.A. is the entertainment capital of the world.  Secondly, they’re deal with Time Warner Cable is enough to make most professional sports organizations a bit jealous.  Third, Kobe Bryant. Lastly, Jerry Buss and AEG.

1. New York Knicks – $1.4 Billion

It’s New York!

The stage is a little bigger, the lights are a little brighter, and, yes, the money is a tad bit longer in New York City.