Timberwolves Ricky Rubio injures knee against the Lakers [video]

Bad news for Minnesota Timberwolves fans, Rubio injured his knee Friday night while the T-Wolves faced off against the Lakers. The guard will have an MRI this morning (Saturday) but the fear is that Rubio has torn his ACL.

Rubio’s injury occurred with 16.4 seconds left in the fourth quarter. The guard tried to trap Kobe, the two collided and Rubio immediately grabbed his knee and fell to the floor. He was helped to the bench by teammates.

This would really be a blow to all the progress the T-Wolves have made this season. Rubio and Kevin Love have brought a lot of excitement back to Minnesota. Reminding people of the late 90’s when it was Stephon Marbury and Kevin Garnett giving teams fits.


video via I AM GM