Tickets to Cleveland Cavs home opener going for $800


Want to score a ticket to see LeBron James’ first game back with the Cleveland Cavaliers? I hope you’re ready to drop major coins. Tickets to the Cavs home opener have jumped 1000% this year and are starting at $800 a pop.

The average price for the team’s home opener Thursday is $827, up from a mere $56 a year ago, according to the online ticket site StubHub. Those tickets are selling for an average of $776, according to ticket search engine Seat Geek.

Meanwhile, LeBron’s old team, the Miami Heat, have taken a few steps back in their ticket sales. The average price for a ticket to see Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and teammates have dropped 70% from a year ago to average $88.

King James economics.


photo via @Cavs