Thunder vs. Rockets highlights: KD’s dunk and Serge Ibaka’s blown lay-up [video]


The Houston Rockets managed to hold off Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder in an elimination game Monday night. There were several plays down the stretch that felt like KD would put the team on his back and closeout the first round playoff series. This fourth quarter dunk by KD on Chandler Parsons certainly looked like it was going to be the moment. With 1:13 left and the score 105- 101, KD took on the Rockets and the city of Houston with this:


So now the score is 105-103 and Serge Ibaka has a chance to tie the game up with a lay-up:



All those people who talk about Russell Westbrook shoots too much, thinks he’s a bigger star than KD, etc. I bet they’re starting to understand his worth now.

It’s not ease being the lone wolf.

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