Throwback Thursday: Watch 43-year old Michael Jordan school 18-year-old OJ Mayo [video]


Yesterday I shared with you the story of Michael Jordan recounting how he beat OJ Mayo a few years back at his camp. OJ was in high school at the time. Today, Larry Brown Sports has tracked down the video of it. OJ was an 18-year-old Junior and MJ was 43.


OJ gave his side of the story during Bucks training camp.

Well, I happened to be the only high school player there. It was mainly freshmen in college. And so [Jordan] came on the court and he guarded me, so I was like, “Man, he must think I’m … not the strong link over here.” I got it going a little bit, and obviously, it’s any ballplayer’s dream to play against Mike — I couldn’t tell you how many times I did his move after the finals the next day in the rec center and stuff. I got a few buckets, and I think the campers knew I was the only high school kid, so they got rowdy a little bit and we got a little bit of jawing.

I think we played two games — I think we split one and one. It was a team game. And then he said, “OK, now let me handle my business,” and he looked me in my face […] He said, “I need all the campers and everybody to leave. Let’s clear the gym.” I said, “Oh, man.”

We continued playing pickup and, you know, Mike was Mike. You know, he was jawing a little bit, and he was really getting into me defensively. He was backing me down and saying, “You better scream for Mama. Ma-ma. Ma-ma.” Hit the famous fadeaway on me, and then I said, “OK, OK, you got it going.” He said, “Hey, young fella, let me tell you something.” He said, “You may be the best high school player in the world, but I’m the greatest ever. Don’t you ever disrespect the great like that.”

At the end of the day, people ask, “Why would you talk smack to the GOAT? Why would you talk smack to Mike?” At the end of the day, it’s still basketball. You know, you definitely respect everything Mike’s done for the game, but when you’re a young buck and you get a chance to go at the top, I kind of had the mentality that I had everything to gain and nothing to lose. And, you know, Mike did what he had to do.


OJ Mayo video via BTB