Three Way Trade Between Lakers, Nets And Rockets

Sasha's last game as a Laker

Looks like everyone is getting their wishes granted with this trade just in time for the holidays. The Lakers, Nets and Rockets have agreed in principal to a three way trade that will send the Nets’ sophmore guard Terrance Williams to the Rockets (he’s been in Avery Johnson’s dog house as of late), Veteran big man, Joe Smith to the Lakers (Bynum is back in the line up tonight but depth in the front court is important to the Lakers sucess) and Sasha “The MACHINE” Vujacic to the Nets (the Nets now have 2 members of the Lakers back to back championship teams. That’s something right!)

Poor Sasha was actually dressed for the Lakers game tonight vs. the Wizards when the news came out. He was seated on the bench for a portion of the first half. ::sad face::

The Nets will also receive a first-round pick from the Lakers in 2011 and a lottery protected first-rounder from Houston in 2012. Now that they have something to work with, do we think Melo will be ok with a trade to the Nets? Do the Nuggets care how Melo feels if they can get their hands on a few of the Nets many draft picks? They shouldn’t, Melo hasn’t exactly been giving the warm and fuzzy vibes this season. The soap opera continues.
The biggest winners in this? The Nets fans. Now they’ll get to enjoy Beyonce (Jay Z’s wife, he owns a small piece of the Nets remember), Kim Kardashian (Kris Humphries new boo) and Maria Sharapova (Sasha’s fiance’) courtside.
Perfect trifecta!