The Next Crop: 3 High School Players Who Could be the NBA’s Future Stars

With College recruiting season coming to an end for high school basketball players, we get our first look at what NCAA basketball will look like next season. This recruiting class is full of some of the most dynamic athletes and well-rounded players we’ve seen in a long time. There are dozens of players that will play in college and get drafted to the next level. But only a few will turn into stars. We’re going to look at the 3 players who are most likely to make a difference at the NBA level.


1. Harry Giles, out of Oak Hill Academy, is one of the best recruits to ever hail from the prestigious basketball school. Giles is a 6’10” stretch power forward, with great ball handling and defensive skills. With comparisons to Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis, Giles is sure to be a star on the next level. The one pitfall of Giles game is his apparent weak knees, recently suffering an ACL tear in his right knee, after multiple torn ligaments in his left knee in 2013. Giles has committed to Duke University and barring another injury setback, looks to be the number 1 overall pick in next year’s draft.


2. Duke landed another elite recruit in Jayson Tatum from Saint Louis, Missouri. Tatum is regarded as one of the best scorers in the entire recruiting class. An efficient shooter from the perimeter and the ability to back down opponents from the mid-post, Tatum will have no trouble scoring on the next level. The combination of Giles and Tatum at Duke will open up the floor and give each opportunity to dominate. Tatum looks to be the most NBA ready player on the list and his I.Q. gives him the ability to be an elite player at any level


3. De’Aaron Fox is a 6’4” point guard from Katy, Texas. With great length, elite ball handling skills and track star speed; Fox looks to be a prototypical NBA point guard. This Kentucky recruit has exceptional athleticism and is a lockdown defender, who can play 3 defensive positions. Fox’s skillset and playing style is eerily reminiscent of former standout Wildcat, John Wall. Like Wall, Fox is coming into one of the best situations in the nation. With a great coach, and elite supporting cast, the Wildcats look to continue their streak as one of the top programs in the nation. Fox’s skillset lines up perfectly to be an NBA star, as long as his shooting ability can come along as scouts are hoping.

–Michael Hersey