The NBA Has Released The 2011-2012 NBA Game Schedule

Dreams Money Can Buy – Drake

That’s what today felt like when the NBA released the 2011-2012 NBA schedule. Three weeks into the NBA lockout, I haven’t started to panic about the NBA season possibly not starting on time (we won’t mention the other alternative, I can’t that would hurt.) The way last season ended, who isn’t super pumped for what’s next.

Check out a few of my key games to kick off the season:

November 1st

  • L.A. Lakers vs. OKC Thunder – We’ll see how Kobe’s knee looks. No Bynum, he has a 5 game suspension. How much will the Thunder have grown having made it to the Western Conference finals.
  • Dallas Mavericks vs. Chicago Bulls – The Mavs will raise their banner, receive their (we still don’t know what trinket they’ll receive from Mark Cuban), Wonder if Derrick Rose will have any help?

November 2nd

  • Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks– According to Shaq in his NBA TV debut, Miami only has a Big 2 so which “Big 2” dominates in 11-12?
  • L.A. Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors – Mark Jackson makes his NBA coaching debut. All I want is a happy Kobe, focused Artest, a point guard and a win.

November 4th

  • Los Angeles Clippers vs. Portland Trailblazers– This is the year the Clippers go to the playoffs… yup I believe in “happily ever after”

November 6th

  • Dallas Mavericks vs. Okc Thunder – Western conference finals rematch

November 16th

  • New York Knicks vs. Denver Nuggets – Carmelo returns to Denver. Will we even care about the Nuggets next season? They had a good run without Melo but long term…

December 25th 

  • Christmas gifts!! Lakers vs Bulls, Heat vs Mavs and Knicks vs Celtics– Sounds like a quick quality line up!!

Is it me or did the NBA release the schedule extremely early this year. I guess they have a lot of free time since they aren’t running a league at the moment. To check out the rest of the schedule, go to  Positive thoughts for the season!!!