The Battle For L.A.: Clippers vs. Lakers

photo via AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

The battle for L.A. part 1 took place last night between the Lakers and the Clippers. This was the 1st time the 2 teams have met this season. In interviews, Kobe mentioned he was looking forward to seeing Blake Griffin, Pau and Lamar got to see him up close and personal but knew to get out of the way. Too bad that basket didn’t count.

Ron Artest made this comment prior to the game about Blake,  “His highlights are sick. I wish he dunks on me later. I’m not going to lie. I hope he dunks on me and puts his shoulder on my face.”

Lakers take this one 86-87 thanks to a last second shot by Derek Fisher.

Guess my Young Clippers didn’t know Derek has been known to hit a few buzzer beaters.

Other highlights from a game which I cheered every basket made (I can’t choose, My preference is they split the season series):

  • Rookie reserve Derek Carcater hurt his ankle (Lakers have Big men issues, Pau is a bit run down, Andrew hasn’t returned yet and Theo Ratliff is injured also)
  • The Lakers played a very apathetic game. Assistant Coach Frank Hamblin stated at half time that the Lakers have got to start respecting other teams.
  • Both teams were shooting around 38% the first half of the game.
  • Clippers have won 5 games at home and ZERO on the road.