Swaggy P Magic? Lakers win 2nd game in a row with Nick Young return


Nick Young returned to the Lakers bench on Tuesday against the Atlanta Hawks. The result, WIN. Wednesday night the Lakers faced off against the Houston Rockets, and once again Nick, along with Kobe, came up big!

Two in a row for the first time this season, the Lakers are now 3-9 on the season. Don’t laugh, that’s improvement. Kobe credit Young during a post game interview.  Young scored 19 at Atlanta and 18 against the Rockets.



The Swaggy Effect!

Dwight Howard was a late scratch for this game. The reported issue was a knee problem. While Dwight was a bit gimpy at the Rockets game against the Grizzlies the night before, most suspect the real reason for his absence was wanting to avoid the LA media in the wake of child abuse allegations.


photos via Instagram