Suns vs. Heats Included 2 Altercations, 3 Ejections and 6 Techs [Video]


Following the NBA trading deadline, the general consensus was that the Miami Heat were the winners. The Heat managed to snag the Dragic brothers from the Phoenix Suns. The move was looked at as the one to help bolster the Heat’s post season promise. The plan was slightly altered when Chris Bosh was ruled out for the remainder of the season with blood clots on his lungs.

Monday night the two teams faced off  in a game that included two third-quarter altercations, three ejections, and six player technical fouls.

The biggest altercation took place when Heat bit man Hassan Whiteside dunked on Alex Len. The two ended up scuffling before being ejected.

“You’re not going to come into Miami and bully us,” said Whiteside who had 17 points and 10 rebounds in just 26 minutes.


Suns beat the Heat at home, 115-98.