Suns’ big man Jermaine O’Neal goal tends James Harden’s shot leading to Rockets win [video]


Tie breaking game-winner on a goal tend? It happened Tuesday night during ROckets vs. Suns. With less than 10 seconds in the fourth and the  game tied up at 98, James Harden was looking to hit the game winner for Houston and add to his 30 points on the night. He pulled up for a 3 that bounced off the rim. Overtime, right?Nope, Jermaine O’Neal’s attempt at a blocked shot actually made contact with the ball through the net. Count the 3, Rockets win.

Check the action.


Opps. Oh well, it’s not like the Suns are even remotely close to sniffing the post season. I’m sure everyone on that team is ready for the season to be over next week and to pick up and start again in September. James Harden ended the night with 33 points in what has been an incredible season since being traded to the Rockets. Houston currently holds the seventh slot in the west and have clinched their playoff berth. If the playoffs started today, the Rockets would face off against the Clippers.


video via Ball is Life