Stilettos On The Street: Celebs Attend Final Knicks Playoff Game

Watching the Celtics beat the Knicks yesterday was almost sad. It didn’t even look like the Knicks were playing with any heart. Remember when I said the Knicks were just happy to be in the playoffs? I at least expected them to win 1 game. Oh well, maybe next season.

For now check out some of the attendees of the Knickerbockers last rites for the 2011 season. Vogue’s Anna Wintour (guess she and Amar’e are really tight now yes? And sitting courtside in New York is the new “thing”), model Jessica White, UConn’s Kemba Walker, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Zach Galifianakis (I LOVE HIM!! Hangover 2 next month), The Knicks Mascot Spike Lee and a few more randoms šŸ˜‰