Lakers Derrick Caracter Arrested For Battery

Not that Lakers rookie Derrick Caracter has been a contributor this season or even this series but an arrest certainly isn’t something the team want to deal with.

The forward was arrested early Sunday morning in New Orleans after an alleged altercation near the team hotel, Caracter was charged with battery.

He “started grabbing and pulling” a pregnant waitress, prompting the manager to go outside and flag down a police officer, Harper said. The female officer tried to defuse the situation, Harper said, but Caracter remained obstinate. The officer arrested him.

He was handcuffed and taken to Orleans Parish jail and booked with one count of battery for hitting the waitress, as well as one count each of public intoxication and resisting arrest. Each charge is a municipal violation, police said.

Records show Caracter was released from jail, but it is unclear when his bond was posted.

Probably not looking good for a return to the team next year. Caracter is a seldom used second round pick whose work ethic was questioned prior to the 2010 draft.