Steve Ballmer Says Clippers Will Be “Hard Core”


The Los Angeles Clippers held a rally on Monday at Staples Center to celebrate their transition to new ownership. About 7500 fans showed up to the arena on a workday to celebrate with new owner Steve Ballmer, head coach Doc Rivers and Clippers players Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and more.


Steve Ballmer is PUMPED for his new role as owner. Ballmer came out to Eminem’s “Lose yourself,” while screaming and high fiving fans.

Ballmer seems like he’s going to be fun. Some of the highlights from the conference.


– Ballmer again reiterated that he was not moving the team to Seattle.
– He’s not necessarily looking to change the team’s name.
– Ne never played basketball but he took stats and he’s a huge fan. Side note, Ballmer and I have something in common.
– He also gave out his e-mail address [email protected]
– He said the Clippers will be “Hardcore” like Lil Kim’s first album … nah he just said the hardcore part.
– He said the Clippers will have many more titles over the next 26 years, than they’ve had in the last 26 years in LA, they’ve been here a little longer than that, but we’ll roll with it.