Steve Ballmer Is Officially The Owner of the Clippers


The Los Angeles Clippers officially have a new owner. Tuesday it was announced that Steve Ballmer is officially the new owner and the sale has gone through.

Ballmer is planning a fan rally to celebrate the new day in the Clippers history for next Tuesday. In the meantime, he shared some of his thoughts about taking over as owner.

”Really excited – in a pretty hardcore way – to continue the path to making the Clippers a better and better basketball team, and a better and better citizen of the Los Angeles community,”

”The topic of conversation with Doc earlier was to focus in on what does it take and how can I help support him in achieving our mutual mission and in a pretty intense way continue to improve, be tenacious,” Ballmer said. ”If we do all that, good things will come our way.”

Ballmer said he wants to put the Sterling controversy in the past and focus the team on being ”a great citizen in the community for a diverse set of folks,”

Donald Sterling is still planning to appeal the sale, however it was announced Tuesday that the league is planning on counter-suing Sterling. A provision was included in the sale of the team last May that indemnified the league from future claims brought by him, Shelly Sterling, or the Clippers. Essentially, Sterling is suing himself and will have to pay the NBA’s cost for their defense.