Stephen Curry And Draymond Green Have A Message For The Haters


The Golden State Warriors were the top team in the NBA last season. They went on to take down the Cleveland Cavs to win the title, so why aren’t teams giving them the respect they deserve?

Tired of the narrative that they won their championship on luck, Draymond Green and Stephen Curry had a little something to say to the haters this week:

Green on Doc Rivers saying the Warriors got lucky not having played the Clippers or Spurs:

“If they saying that, they aren’t the champs. It’s simple. Gregg Popovich didn’t say that. That’s one organization I really respect. And you haven’t heard anybody in they camp say that. You ain’t heard anybody from OKC say that, some of the organizations that I really respect,” Green said.

“You see the ring fitting man over there? Jason of Beverly Hills, he over there fitting us for our ring? That’s pretty cool. So if they saying that, it’s some bitterness and some saltiness going around. They obviously not the champs. So who cares what they say. It is what it is.”

Steph went further, he issued an “apology” for the Warriors success:

“I apologize for us being healthy, I apologize for us playing who was in front of us. I apologize for all the accolades we received as a team and individually. I’m very, truly sorry, and we’ll rectify that situation this year,” he said.

The Warriors are coming back with a chip on their shoulder. 13 days until the NBA season kicks off!