Steph Curry Lights The Blazers Up For 45 [Video]


If you missed Thursday night’s match up between the Golden State Warriors and Portland Trailblazers, you missed Stephen Curry show you why he deserves to the MVP.

Steph lit the Blazers up for 45 points, shooting 73.9% from the field overall, hitting 17 of his 23 shots, including eight of 13 threes. Let me add he also had 10 assists.

Curry also set the record for three-pointers made by one player in a single season, breaking the previous mark—his own—of 272. He now has 276.

How did Steph celebrate his incredible night? At home with his wife Ayesha who made him a celebratory Homemade Prosciutto and Egg sandwich – she’s a great cook.

So, should James Harden and Steph be co-MVP’s? Or did Steph seal the deal last night?


video via @NBA