Spotlight: Memphis Grizzlies Marcus Williams

I’m from L.A. and if you know me, you understand that I LOVE everything about my city! Obviously I feel a certain way about Basketball too. I don’t think people realize the Pedigree of LA Hoop Stars (Yeah Yeah N.Y is the Mecca, I see you Chicago… DC/Maryland too) But We represent in the WEST. Reggie Miller (ok he’s from the I.E. but still), Byron Scott, Harold Miner (What he was a SICK dunker! Baby Jordan:snickers:)  Paul Pierce, Baron Davis, rookies Brandon Jennings, DeMar DeRozan & James Harden. That’s just a short list.

My goal is to interview them all cause I REP MY CITY!!!

1st up Memphis Grizzlies Point Guard Marcus Williams:

Of course I asked him about stuff that is of concern to Jill ::giggles::

1. What are your favorite & least fav things about LA & Memphis?

-My favorite things about LA can kinda of be the obvious.{what?? it’s home? I’ll go with yes} The weather is always a plus, but when the weather is always good, you cant always show your fashion range. You tend to wear the same style of outfits lol.

-The women are also a plus in LA. U get alot of different types of women u run across.
{tips my hat, we’re the baddest}
-ROSCOE’S!!! {#9 PLEASE with a Lisa’s Delight}
-Shopping, but like i said before…its sorta limited due to weather situations.
-My family is from LA, so its always good to be home to see them.

-The bougieness of people there. It really gets under my skin. Some think they are too good to be talked to, so i just talk about them lol {Ugh WHATEVER, I disagree lol}
-How everyone wants to act or sing or rap…Im not hating on anyone or crushing a dream, but if the talent aint there, try a new field! “Yea, ill be in the studio” :-/
-The police, or thats everywhere maybe lol

MY FAVS..(Memphis)
-Its real relaxed, at least where I live. No 1st 48 here lol
-Having your own spot and privacy
-Its alot of nice food places here… BBQ here is the best

-The shopping here is def not dope!
-The city is small, everybody knows EVERYBODYYYY!

2. I love clothes (AND SHOES!!) what’s your favorite article of clothing?

-I would have to say my favorite possessions are my sneakers and hats. I have about 175 fitteds and probably 100 pair of sneakers(right now, i give my lil cousins all my shoes every summer) I also got this dope Marc Jacobs jacket lol {I mean can I get a picture?? description?? No, mind my business, ok}

3. I love Basketball, I’m trying to develop a healthy appreciation for other sports… what about you?

– I like other sports sometimes. Baseball and Football take too many breaks and that tends to get a little boring

4. Ok, Barbershop question… Kobe or LeBron?

-I’d have to say Kobe right now. He’s just takes basketball to a new level. VERY exciing to watch. Lebron is baby steps behind him, Pause {why are you pausing baby steps??}

5. MUSIC time, who do you listen to Pregame to get you ready! (on and off the court… wait I’ll let you think about the off the court part for a second LOL)

-pregame songs depend what im in the mood for at the time. I’d listen to Jeezy, Ross, Fab, Hov, Jadakiss, Joe Budden for the most part with others thrown in there.{I mean you can’t give the West any love?? Sadness}
-predate songs, ummmm lol im not sure. Probably the same stuff, or something a little softer. Robin Thicke is dope, Muziq, Urrrsher, I love Aaliyah!! {The same stuff? does that mean you go into Beastmode before a date??? LMAO}

6. Ok, this question is CRUCIAL to your status as a Cool kid, Blackberry or iPhone?

-Blackberry(2 of em lol) {ok, not only did I knock off points cause you went with Blackberry, I gotta wonder if you have 2 of the same phone are you pulling Jedi mind tricks on the ladies? “You called me, oh I grabbed the wrong BB, no you sent that BBM to my OTHER phone :giggles:}

7. What’s the 1st thing you do when you walk through the door?
-Plug my phones up and put on basketball shorts

8. What’s 1 thing people would never expect from you?
-I’m VERYYYY quiet in person

9. Can you cook??
-Put it this way, I make a mean oatmeal :-/

10. Question 10, let’s just say he declined to answer, I’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out what it was.

Fine!! Interview over ::tears:: LOL Make sure you follow Marcus on Twitter. He’s one of the funniest NBA tweeters and I’m not saying that, there was a VOTE!!