“Sources Say” All Your Favorite Offbeat Sources For LeBron James Free Agency


Everyone has and is a “source” so it seems, when you’re talking about LeBron James’ 2014 free agency destination. Over the last 2 days, the LeBron to the Cavs machine is banging the loudest, but let’s take a look at some of the hilarious “sources” some are using for this information.


There were the moving trucks in front of LeBron’s Miami home on Wednesday, including one service that ships exotic cars.

Only problem, most NBA players pack up their homes and have their cars shipped for the summer. But telling, no?


Then there was the story about the web developer who allegedly hacked into LeBronJames.com – that’s where his decision will announced this time per “Sources” – he said he could tell that two new pages were being added to the site and that the header just happened to be in Cavs colors.


Annnddd we can’t forget about an alleged sidepiece from Cleveland, who claims LeBron is a silent investor in her hair salon and that he told her he was coming home:

LeBron James is reportedly LEAVING MIAMI – and headed back to CLEVELAND. How do we know? Well a woman who was reportedly LeBron James SIDE PIECE told her GFs.

LeBron’s FEMALE FRIEND, a woman named ROBIN – was in Miami last weekend, celebrating her birthday. While there, an informant was amongst her crew. And our informant tells us that Robin told her girls that she SPOKE to LeBron and that he’s planning on RETURNING TO CLEVELAND.

And she should know. Robin and LeBron have been friends and BUSINESS PARTNERS for many years. They started out MESSING AROUND back in the day, and LeBron gave her BIG $$ to start her hair salon in Cleveland – where he is a silent investor.

Maybe they thought she said LeBron when in actually she said Braylon… as in Braylon Edwards. The two were just partying in Miami last weekend.



Meanwhile, singer Usher is also adding to the speculation. First there was his interview where he stated he’d put the call into LeBron if need be – Usher is a partial owner of the Cavaliers – and then on Thursday morning he dropped this on his Instagram



 @kingjames is bigger than basketball. #BiggerThan #Purpose #Legacy #Cavs #Cleveland
Usher is currently promoting a new single, “Good Kisser,” perhaps that’s why he’s so involved at the moment. Sidenote, that song is EVERYTHING.
Bron’s former teammate, and rumored Cavs free agent target, Mike Miller, trolled a bit on his Instagram… see LeBron’s Cavs jersey strategically propped up against the wall in the background. Gee, how random.
Hopefully we’ll get our answers soon, or maybe I’ll hit up my a junior counselor at LeBron’s Vegas basketball camp to get the real scoop!