Social Media MVP’s: NBA Edition

The NBA is a crazy league, full of even crazier players. Each player has an opinion and twitter is the best place let those opinions out. Many of these views and opinions are motivational, controversial or downright comical. When given an open forum there’s some players that step up to the tasks as professionals, and others that fall flat on their face. We’re going to take a look at the top-5 NBA players to follow on social media.

• Dwyane Wade
DWade gives you a glimpse into the lifestyle of an NBA star. From private time with his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, or nights out with teammates or, a look at his dual life as head of his own sneaker line and brand ambassador extraordinaire. Dwyane Wade shows you the grit and glamour of life in the NBA.

• LeBron James
Though the King’s Twitter doesn’t have a lot of humor, it offers a look into the life of the greatest athlete on the planet. Often tweeting about his family and friends, LeBron is definitely worth the follow. He also tweets frequently about big stories in the news and other sporting events, specifically the Ohio State Buckeyes and Dallas Cowboys. One downside about following James is his social media blackout during the NBA Playoffs.

• Kobe Bryant
Following Kobe is full of laughs, as well as cringes. As soon as Kobe will tell a joke, he will also speak his mind about controversial issues. This is what makes Kobe so interesting. By saying what he means and never sugarcoating his thoughts, we get an unfiltered look at Kobe’s real life personality.

• Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant’s Twitter is exciting because of his frequent fan interactions. He often does Q&A sections where he answers dozens of fans questions and gives away cool product. Durant doesn’t tweet much, but his tweets are usually humorous or not too many looks into his personal life, but worth the follow.

• Steph Curry
Curry may be the most likeable guy in the NBA. He’s an underdog by NBA standards. Curry was a relative unknown until his crazy 2008 March Madness, where he led Davidson to the Elite-Eight. With frequent tweets to other players, his promotional endeavors or his favorite NFL team the Carolina Panthers, following Curry is always entertaining. If Curry alone isn’t enough to warrant a follow, his daughter Riley, who took the NBA by storm during his championship run, makes him worthy.

–Michael Hersey