Sixers rookie Nerlens Noel probably won’t see the court this season


Philadelphia 76’ers coach Brett Brown announced Monday that sixth draft pick Nerlens Noel will likely miss the entire season.

Brown said Noel’s progress is “slow” and “everybody (Brown included) doubts he is going to play this year.”

“But he is with us in every way — practice, film, shootaround,” Brown said.

Noel tore his ACL last February in frightening fashion on the court, during his only season at Kentucky. The Sixers apparent plan is to treat Noel like Blake Griffin was handled by the Clippers in his first season. Being immersed in the life in the NBA. The Sixers have a lot of draft picks coming up over the next year or two and the plan is to cultivate talent through the draft to rebuild the franchise, like the blue print OKC used to get to the finals.