Sixers retire Allen Iverson’s #3 jersey [video]


Let’s be clear, Allen Iverson was my FAVORITE NBA player. AI’s emmergence into the NBA also ushered in the hip-hop era of basketball. If you think of iconic moments in the NBA, if you don’t mention  AI’s impact on the game of basketball, I can’t take your basketball knowledge seriously.


AI introduced hip-hop to the NBA. The dress, the attitude the swagger and of course, the trademark braids. Saturday night the Philadelphia 76’ers retired his jersey. Check out the ceremony plus some of his top crossover moves from his rookie year.




The Sixers also gave AI a championship belt because he was the best “pound-for-pound” to do it.



The Crossover moves:


AI still has his trademark braids, I’ll accept that if I must, but what is up with his look for the night? ICK.


videos via NBA

photos via @76ers