Sixers’ Michael Carter-Williams vs. Stephen A. Smith


A popular current narrative right now is that the media is the cause of a lot of turmoil within various sports franchises. That the current culture of highlighting, “hot takes” causes those in the media to create certain storylines for their benefit. As someone who has been on both sides of this issue as a former publicist, and current member of the media, I say fair exchange is no robbery.

Derek Jeter recently launched a website, The Players Tribune, with the purpose of giving athletes a place to give it to you straight from the horse’s mouth – I still think that’s what we have with Twitter, but this is for longer thoughts – recently, Philadelphia 76’ers guard Michael Carter-Williams posted a piece on the site which blames the media for the notion that his team is purposely tanking games for a greater draft position and cap flexibility. Carter-Williams specifically mentioned ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

The media creates this narrative and repeats it over and over. That’s how Stephen A. Smith ends up in our locker room with a big smile on his face. I’m not picking on him. I know he’s playing a character. He knows he’s playing a character. But what happens when we break the streak by going out and beating Detroit that night? Now it’s another story. After the game, a lot of the reporters didn’t even stick around. The ones that did weren’t prepared. They didn’t ask us about the specifics of the game. They made up questions on the spot, like, “Uh, hey, you guys won … so how do you feel?”

Stephen A. had a response for MCW:

mic drop…