Shaq “I partied too F***** much in Miami”

Shaq is on the May 17th cover of Sports Illustrated; closely resembling Benjamin Button might I add.

While the focus of the piece is the Cavs and their quest for a ring this year (are you Cavs fans nervous after the beating that took place these last 2 games courtesy of the Celtics?? 3-2 what’s up Lebron)

Shaq had this to say about his time in Miami and how he’s a changed man:

“I never got any rest in Miami,” O’Neal says nostalgically. “I still don’t know how we won that championship [in 2006]. F—— partied every night in Miami.”

I wonder if he was one of the players betting on Wayne Simien… He probably started the whole conversation ::tee hee:: 

“This season he has exited through side doors, toned down his tweets and stayed at all times in the shadow of James. Last month O’Neal even declined an interview with Esquire. “I’m finally one of the others,” he explains. “For 16 years it was about me. Now it’s all about him.” (the him being LeBron James)

Only thing about this quieter, gentler Shaq, we won’t be able to hear his thoughts on the Kobe’s shoot with Los Angeles Magazine


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