Brandon Jennings & DeMar DeRozan; Ciara, Roscoe’s & Black Jesus

The  L.A. rookie sensations were having lunch at L.A. landmark Roscoe’s (#9 with a waffle please and a Lisa’s Delight!! mmmm) when TMZ’s cameras Spotted them. The 2 offered their thoughts on several random topics:

Why they Eat at Roscoe’s:

“You can find everybody from Obama here, to, you know, people like us…It’s the spot, man. It’s where you meet chicks at. Where you just get your groove and your grub on.”

Why Brandon won’t showcase on camera how he pulls females:

“I’m not worried about her, it’s so many”

Add these 2 to the list of people shouting out Ciara and her skills in her new video “Ride” She has a date with both if she wants it. ::giggles:: What?? They said it not me!

Be sure to check out Brandon display his Jerkin’ & reject skills at 1:03. I LOVE IT!!

But somebody please let BJennings know we don’t jerk anymore, we Dougie!! Love seeing them holding down their city and not on TMZ for anything negative!